Combined cycle power plant

Siemens was commissioned to build a turnkey gas and steam turbine plant called San Gabriel, including long-term service agreements. San Gabriel will achieve a capacity of 450 megawatts (MW). The construction cost of this new power plant in Luzon has been estimated at 400 million euros. Over the next few years, it is intended to increase the power plant´s output to three blocks and 1.350 MW. San Gabriel will expand the two existing San Rita power plants (four blocks, capacity 1.000 MW, built in 2000) and San Lorenzo (two blocks, capacity 500 MW, built in 2002).

The Philippines is tracking an ambitious program to expand its power supply as the grid is struggling with undersupply and failures. That´s why San Gabriel will make an important contribution to the smooth and rapidly raising growing demand for power

San Gabriel, Philipines
First NatGas Power Corp./ Siemens AG
2014 - 2016
  • technical supervision of driven pile production
  • quality control of the delivered piles
  • supervision of static and dynamic pile loadings
  • technical supervision of the low-pressure injection method with installation of the sleeve pipes, SPT-tests during drilling and injection work with packer systems
  • adjustment of the quality assurance plan
  • engineering opinions and documentation
  • geotechnical expert
  • FEM-analysis of the lateral pile behavior for the earthquake load case