GSP new in the GuD Group of Companies!

1st January 2023

Since January 2023, the Mannheim-based GSP (Gesellschaft für Schwingungsuntersuchungen und dynamische Prüfmethoden mbH - Engineering Consultants for Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Testing Methods ), founded by Dr.-Ing. Oswald Klingmüller in 1991, has been part of the GuD group of companies. The entry of GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH ensured the continued existence and continuity of the services of GSP, which has been operating successfully for over 30 years, after the retirement of the company's founder.

GSP's fields of activity include dynamic pile testing at home and abroad (onshore and offshore) as well as vibration measurements in the field of immission control and structural dynamic calculations.

GSP is the representative of Pile Dynamics, Inc., Cleveland, USA, the world's leading manufacturer of measurement technology, hardware and software for dynamic pile testing, for the German-speaking European countries as well as for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schallert heads the "Pile Integrity Testing" working group of AK 2.1 "Piles" of the German Geotechnical Society (DGGT) and is a member of the DIN Standards Committee for Civil Engineering. (NABau) NA 005-05-07 AA "Subsoil, piles". AK 2.1 is responsible for the publication of the 
"Recommendations of the Piles Working Group" (EA-Pfähle).

GuD and GSP are looking forward to working together!

Geschäftsführung GSP Mannheim
Managing directors GSP: Matthias Schallert, Silke Appel, Christian Mayer