GuD-BBI-GSP: cookery book!

6th December 2023

Every year again, but this time a little different! In addition to warm mulled wine, delicious sausages and sweet crêpes, there was a surprise at this year's GuD Christmas bazaar!

Our GuD-BBI-GSP joint effort, the cookery book "WIR KOCHEN" was presented to everyone. To make this cookery book possible, we cooked and baked diligently, wrote recipes and took photos of the individual steps and the delicious end result. Many interesting recipes came together. They are recipes from the most diverse cultures - whether near or far. We immersed ourselves in a culinary diversity that took us from Germany and Norway to Peru and India... and perhaps we'll cook one or two of these dishes together at GuD cooking events. 😊

With this in mind, we wish everyone a wonderful festive season and a relaxing end to the year, and only the best for 2024!

GuD Kochbuch

GuD-BBI-GSP: Wir Kochen!
GuD-BBI-GSP: Wir Kochen!