Science Slam, 8th German Geotechnical Convention

At this year's 8th German Geotechnical Convention of URETEK Deutschland GmbH, two young civil engineers from GuD, Sigrid Wilhelm and Michelle Döbber, and a former student trainee, Björn Bodner, successfully took part in the Science Slam. The master's theses supervised by GuD were presented in an approx. 5-minute scientific lecture in combination with entertainment elements. The expert audience gained an insight into the following topics:

"Engineering statistics - How much do you trust your subsoil outcrops and transformation model?"


"Consolidation of organic soils - How humic substances affect cement hydration".

Many thanks to the organisers for the opportunity to be involved in the first-time implementation of a science slam in this context. We are already looking forward to the 9th German Geotechnical Convention 2023 in Hamburg!