Sleeper plant Zernsdorf

The approximately 140.000 m2 large area of a former plant for the production of railway sleepers on Krüpelsee, in Zernsdorf, southeast of Berlin, was to be prepared and developed for the establishment of a citizen residential park. Partly basement buildings and warehouses with contaminated subsoil (i.a. asbestos, KMF, roofing felts, MKW, PAK) had to be demolished. Construction waste with a total of approximately 20.000 m3 of solid mass had to be disposed and of separately according to hazardous substances. Low charged buildings rubble was to be prepared and reused.

The geometric soil decontamination was carried out by restructuring of the high-load areas (altogether approximately 12.700m3 high with PAH, BTEX and MKW contaminated soil up to the saturated zone) by means of in situ measures (OSBO-method) and on site measures (microbiological restructuring and preparation of process water). Cleaned soil was reinstalled: within half a year not adequate to be cleaned (soil washing, landfill) had to be disposed of. In high load areas the installation of barrier layers took place.

Wohnen am See Zernsdorf GmbH, represented by die gsp Gesellschaft für Städtebau und Projektentwicklung GmbH
2008 - 2009
  • restructuring controlling of the measures, that are carried out as part of the implementation of the binding restructuring plan ( review and verifying of documents; coordination with the restructuring management of the DB AG; determination performance status and confirmation of the release of payments by DB AG
  • external supervision (supervision of dismantling and restructuring measures, which are carried out as part of the binding restructuring plan) and the installation of barrier layers and aftercare (groundwater monitoring)