"Sustainability in Earthworks" at the 18th Earthworks Conference in Leipzig

The topic of sustainability in relation to energy requirements and ecological interventions is increasingly determining our work as geotechnical planners. It is therefore all the more important to define comprehensible criteria that make it possible to assess the sustainability of certain construction methods and the overall sustainability of a construction project. We are taking up this challenge and testing the practicability of various sustainability criteria in our geotechnical planning projects as part of our internal development.

At the 18th Earthworks Conference on "Sustainability in Earthworks, Foundation Engineering and Hydraulic Engineering" in Leipzig, our colleague Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Römer presented our status on the planning consideration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in earthworks and road construction. Co-authors were Dr.-Ing. Fabian Kirsch and Dr.-Ing. Olaf Stahlhut. 

Many thanks to the Bauakademie Sachsen for the excellent organisation and the numerous participants for the interesting lectures and discussions!

Dipl.-Ing Matthias Römer