Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Nikolaus Schneider

Partner/ managing director


Dipl.-Ing. Univ. (civil engineering)

Core Competencies

  • geotechnical work
  • quality management
  • site supervision
  • anti-claim management
  • measurement technology in special civil engineering
  • laboratory tests on selfhardening slurry
  • monitoring
  • optimization of construction methods of special foundation engineering

Professional experience

since 2011 GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH in Berlin
partner and managing director
since 2011 GuD Consult India, pt lt
managing director
since 2007 GuD Consult GmbH
partner and managing director
2002 – 2007 GuD Planungsgesellschaft für Ingenieurbau mbH
partner and managing director
2002 – 2007 GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH in Berlin
partner and managing director
1995 – 2011 GuD Ingenieurbüro für Spezialtiefbau GmbH in Berlin
partner and managing director
1987 – 1994 Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH in Schrobenhausen
project manager for outstanding construction sites in far east
1985 – 1987 Ingenieurbüro Suess und Dr. Staller in München
project engineer for structural design, approval engineer on submitted building documents
1985 Degree as Dipl.-Ing. Univ., Technische Universität München
civil engineering, Traffic department City of Munich

Expert opinions

  • Certification as Sicherheits- and Gesundheitskoordinator [Health and safety coordinator] of the Ingenieurakademie Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Certification as Arbeitsschutzkoordinator in kontaminierten Bereichen [Safety Coordinator for contaminated Areas] (ZH 1/183)
  • Certificate of competence in accordance with No. 2.7 in conjunction with Annex 4 of the TRGS 519 Asbestos Demolition, restoration and maintenance work
  • Qualification in the area of occupational safety standard SCC (safety certified contractor)

Memberships, Association activities

  • Expert for the working team EN 12716, jet grouting, from 2001-2007
  • Mandatory Meter of the Baukammer Berlin No. P1990 and as a consulting engineer entitled to construction
  • Member in the Association of German Engineers „Verein Deutscher Ingenieure   e. V. (VDI)“
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Geotechnik (DGGT)

Teaching activity

  • 2006 – 2012 Appointed expert of the Technical University of Berlin in the field of environmental geotechnics


  • 1997    Patent for ultrasonic measurement in slurries
  • 2007    Patent for sensor supported measurements of jet grouted columns
  • 2015    Patent grant: suspension removal from jet grouting pillars
  • 2016    Patent grant: joint inspector
Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Nikolaus Schneider