Art campus

On the site of the former Hamburg and Lehrter freight yard in Berlin-Mitte, the new building of the residential complex „KunstCampus“ with cellar was built after dismantling of existing buildings. Subsoil investigations revealed groundwater contamination by volatile hydrocarbons (LCKW).

Extensive soil and groundwater investigations were able to localize the contamination and remove their source by excavating the soil in the honeycomb or large-hole drilling process. Subsequently, a two-year hydraulic groundwater remediation was carried out: Special challenges in the remediation measures were a peat layer with strongly changing thickness and very high concentrations of LCKW, methane and ammonium in the groundwater, which is why the complex system technology for the treatment of groundwater and exhaust air was used.

Groth u. -invest Achte GmbH & Co. KG / CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
since 2013
  • detailed and remedial investigation
  • creating a pollutant transport and groundwater flow model with FEFLOW
  • planning the remediation of damage according to HOAI lph. 1-7, setting up a reorganization plan according to BBodSchV
  • technical support of the renovation (construction supervision/renovation controlling)
  • vibration measurement and prognosis
  • aftercare concept / groundwater monitoring