Business Park Yorckdreieck

The approximately 30.000 m2 triangular property between Yorckstraße and railway line S1 and S2 was to be prepared for future application. Since 1935, commercially used establishments such as a freight forwarder, a junkyard, a petrol station, storage areas, garages and workshops as well as garden plots had settled on the site. Soil pollutions (greater than Z2) due to sulphate, PAH and heavy metals were detected.

R. Semer GmbH & Co. Immobilien KG
2010 - 2014
  • 16 small drillings up to 12 m below ground level and two drills ( hand-drilled holes) up to 1,8 m below ground level
  • spot-like soil sampling under the concrete sealing of workshops
  • construction of two temporary levels and groundwater investigation
  • orientative waste assessment, estimation of hazardous and non- hazardous waste
  • contaminated site assessment with risk assessment
  • visual survey of the terrain and building pollutants (courragated asbestos cement, KMF)
  • cost estimate for the additional costs due to soil pollution