Former RAW

The approximately 100.000 m2 site of the former German National Railway Repair Works (RAW) in Potsdam was to be prepared for prospective construction. For this purpose, partially basement buildings and warehouses with contaminated structure (i.a. asbestos, KMF, roofing felt, MKW) had to be demolished and the area be fully developed. Large quantities of construction waste containing hazardous substances had to be treated and partially reused. In the area of a listed hall, the reconstruction of oil damage in the soil and groundwater had to be carried out in accordance with a public-law restructuring contract

Deutsche Bahn AG (Sanierungsmanagement), Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Th. Semmelhaack mbH
2004 - 2006 (Deutsche Bahn AG), 2007 - 2009 (Semmelhaack)
  • supplementary historical research
  • summary assessment of the old documents - determination of land-load-related additional costs for soil/groundwater
  • waste-technical investigations of the soil as well as of the structure, preparing of a pollution register for the structure to be dismantled (35 buildings including foundations and services as well as sealing)
  • creating a waste management concept (dismantling, excavation, replacement) including coordination with the authorities
  • technical supervision of construction site clearance including replacement; coordination with the authorities during the construction work
  • carrying out detailed investigations, risk assessment and setting up a remediation plan according to BBodSchG for oil damage in soil and groundwater; prepare and participate in the award as well as participate in the  design of a public law restructuring contract
  • technical supervision and documentation of demolition and restructuring work; restructuring controlling and monitoring
  • execution of subsoil investigations and soil mechanical laboratory tests
  • presentation and evaluation of the results in subsoil reports
  • foundation recommendations including settlement calculations based on the planned foundation geometries and loads
  • recommendations for infiltration