Former RAW Tempelhof

For use of the former German National Railway Repair Works (RAW) Tempelhof, on the part of the oil gas institute, pollutions of soil, soil air and groundwater had to be investigated. The property has been a fallow area since 1925.Previously, since 1895, there has been an entry of pollutions typical for gasworks (PAH, BTEX, cyanides, MKW and phenols). It was possible to detect soil contamination at the tar basin, at the gasometer and at the tar pit up to a depth of at least 13 m as well as groundwater contamination of the water-saturated soil up to the approximately 40 m deep groundwater stagnation.

DB Netz AG, regional area east
2000 - 2001 and 2008 - 2010
  • remediation preparation stage II b
  • detailed basic determination
  • evaluation of the results of various groundwater monitoring campaigns and preliminary reports (OU/DU) taking into account the results on further marginal damage (BTEX,CHC)
  • detailed presentation and evaluation of renovation options according to design planning for all variants
  • cost calculation of variants with cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis
  • planning of the remediation investigation for the preferred option: restructuring by means of Enhanced Natural Attenuation (ENA)
  • conception, monitoring, documentation and evaluation of microbiological preliminary investigations
  • continuation and completion of the feasibility study