Gas and steam turbine power plant

Siemens has been commissioned with the turnkey construction of a 1200 megawatt gas and steam turbine power plant in DGEN on the southwest coast of the Indian state of Gujarat by the Torrent Group. The construction costs for this project are given as 1 billion euros.

India is pursuing an ambitious program to expand its electricity supply, by 2030, the country wants to multiply its power plant capacity. This power plant will make an important contribution to the electricity supply especially in the state of Gujarat.

Dgen, India
Torrent Group / Siemens AG
since 2010
  • technical supervision of bored pile production (8000 piles)
  • assessment of the bored pile production process
  • evaluation and testing of static and dynamic pile loadings
  • qualitity control of mixed concrete
  • assessment of the concrete from the production to the determination of compressive strength (Druckfestigkeit)
  • examination of the quality assurance plan
  • training of Indian engineers and polishers
  • preventive measures during the monsoon season
  • project management during foundation engineering