Medical Association of Lower Saxony

At the junction Berliner Allee / Schiffgraben in Hanover, an office and training center with ten upper floors and two lower floors will be built. For this, a skyscraper built in the 60´s has to be demolished, which is connected to the neighboring office and commercial buildings via a common underground car park and a bridge construction. During the dismantling work, the neighboring buildings will continue to be used. In one of the neighboring buildings, there are two data centers with vibration-sensitive server or IT systems.

Ärztekammer Niedersachsen and Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen
since 2018
  • measuring concept for the on-site monitoring of the vibration entry into the neighboring buildings with regard to:
    • dangers to the building structure
    • impairment of people in the buildings
    • malfunctions of server and IT systems
  • specification of vibration limit values based on valid standards, regulations and manufacturer specification
  • defining thresholds for automatic warnings
  • construction and operation of multichannel measuring systems for uninterrupted measurement of vibration velocities and accelerations with automated pre-evaluation and warning signal output for threshold value overruns
  • short-term consultation of the client in case of critical vibration loads
  • documentation and evaluation of the measurement results in weekly measurement reports for the preservation of evidence