Okhta Center

The Okhta Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, was planned as a modern business center. In addition to several other public buildings, the Okhta Tower with a height of 396 m should be the main focus of Gazprom´s new headquarters in St. Petersburg. The total area of the areal to be build was about 40.000 m2 and the length of the surrounding excavation pits about 1 kilometer. Since there were many marine and glacial sediments in the ground, which are not sufficiently sustainable for such a construction project, it was planned to found the tower in up to 8 m depth in Vendian Clay/tone.

St. Petersburg, Russia
Arabtec Construction L.L.C, Dubai
OJSC PBC Okhta, St. Petersburg
2008 - 2011
  • geotechnical consultations
  • evaluation of the available subsoil appraisals and founding proposals
  • investigations on the feasibility of alternative excavation and foundation variants
  • 3 D numerical and analytical calculations of the load-settlement behavior of skyscraper construction
  • evaluation of the results of test loads on bored piles and diaphragm wall constructions
  • creation of tender documents for the construction pit of the tower