Railway line Oldenburg - Wilhelmshaven

The railway line Oldenburg-Wilhelmshaven built in the 1930s was in two sections still single- track and had various shortcomings. The track system was not up to the forecast freight traffic, especially after the opening of the Jade-Weser-Port.

In the 3rd stage of development, the upgraded line was completely double-tracked, electrified and the permissible pace increased to 120 km/h.

The 52 km long route is largely over marshes. The subsoil conditions are very often characterized by soft layers (i.a. clay and peat) and the groundwater is very high.

DB Netz / DB Projektbau GmbH Hannover
since 2009
  • supervison of the digestion and field trials and conducting laboratory tests
  • creation of subsoil assessments with subsoil assessment including dimensioning of the base courses
  • slope fracture and terrain fracture calculations
  • stability proofs for supporting structures and earthworks
  • serviceability checks for the route
  • expert evaluations for the mixing-injection method for soil improvement
  • special expert for piles in accordance with UiG/ZiE for foundations of low-level foundations in special areas
  • geotechnical consultation of the client during the planning and execution
  • vibration measurements
  • seismic measurements (Downhole, Crosshole Measurements, Seismic Cone Penetration Testing, Seismic refraction)
  • dynamic calculations to determine the necessary stengthening measures
  • demonstration of the dynamic stability of the track according to RIL 836 with dynamic soil-structure interaction in a finite element model
  • installation of the reinforced protective layer as an upgrade measure for the dynamic stability of the track in Varel station