Tank farm Thuringia

For the renewal of the operating license of a large fuel storage tank for mineral oil products in Thuringia, the competent authorities demanded proof of stability and usability in case of a load earthquake.

The warehouse consists of 14 partially ground cylindrical bulk tanks of prestressed concrete with a diameter of 33 m and a height of approximately 11 m. In addition to the product tanks, the warehouse includes underground and overground pipelines to the loading stations.

TABEG Tanklagerbetriebsgesellschaft mbH, Berlin
2015 - 2016
  • determination of local seismic parameters
  • numerical stress analysis of prestressed concrete containers with modal analysis
  • determination of hydrodynamic loads from the filling
  • proof of sufficient reinforcement of the prestressed concrete container for the earthquake load case
  • proof of sliding and tipping of the container taking into account the soil-structure interaction
  • stability and suitability for use of the underground pipelines for the earthquake load case
  • stability and suitability for use of the pipes and the supporting structure of the raised surface pipes for the earthquake load case