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GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH

The core competencies of the GuD Group of companies comprise the applied geosciences, geotechnics, dynamics and environmental engineering. Our range of services includes assessment, consultation, planning, surveying and construction supervision. In addition, we offer checking and expert opinion services. The engineers at GuD have been contributing their know-how to a wide range of projects in Berlin, Germany and at many other locations around the world since 1980. We welcome challenges as an opportunity for finding new, innovative solutions. Current scientific developments flow into our work through our close contact with universities, colleges and research institutes. Furthermore, we support the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge with our broad participation in many associations and expert committees.

We are happy to share our expertise with our clients and project partners. If you are looking for an expert in the field with many years of experience, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to finding the perfect solution for you.


18-20th May 2022

International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvement, TU Berlin

Parallel Session A4 "Deep Foundation Advancements 2"

Host: Dr.-Ing. Fabian Kirsch

Presentation: Dipl.-Ing.Univ. Nikolaus Schneider
Title: Alignment Control of Drilling Rods by Integrated Microchips

Presentation: Dr. Patrick Arnold
Title: Influence of organic matter on the strength properties of artificially stabilized sands

May 2022

buildingSMART Germany

GuD is a member of buildingSMART Deutschland, the competence network for BIM and the digitalisation of the construction and real estate industry, since May 2022.

With our membership, we hope to advance the digitalisation of the construction industry and the application of BIM and look forward to the active exchange of experience and information and the cooperation with the network partners.


27-28th April

VDI conference, Structural Dynamics

GuD has participated in this year’s VDI conference “Structural Dynamics” in Würzburg with 3 presentations and 6 participants. Our contributions covered the wide scope of structural dynamics applications at GuD, ranging from vibrations induced by cement mills, elastic insulation of new buildings to mass-spring-systems in railway construction.