27-28th April
VDI Conference, Structural Dynamics

GuD has participated in this year’s VDI conference “Structural Dynamics” in Würzburg with 3 presentations and 6 participants. Our contributions covered the wide scope of structural dynamics applications at GuD, ranging from vibrations induced by cement mills, elastic insulation of new buildings to mass-spring-systems in railway construction. Furthermore, members of GuD contributed as co-authors to papers focussed on the structural dynamics of timber buildings, geophysical measurement methods and vibrations of wind energy turbines.

We thank the organizers very much for the excellent organisation of the conference and the possibility to present our work. We look forward to participate in the next conference scheduled in 2025!


April 2022
Book "Ground Improvement by Deep Vibratory Methods" as Open Access

Sponsored by GuD and Keller Group plc, the book „Ground Improvement by Deep Vibratory Methods“ (2nd edition) is now available as Open Access at Taylor and Francis. 

We hope to spread the knowledge of the theoretical basics and the application of this ground improvement method and to eventually help avoiding unnecessary use of cement based materials and thereby reduce CO2-emissions.

find book here

March 2022
GuD sponsors Deutschlandstipendium

The Deutschlandstipendium 2021/2022 was sponsored by GuD. Excellent and talented students of the TU Berlin were enabled to receive funding within the framework of the scholarship programme. GuD will also be involved in the programme in 2022/2023.


February 2022
Foundation GuD Offshore Wind Polska

At the beginning of 2022, GuD Offshore Wind Polska was founded in Poland to cover the field of offshore wind energy internationally. Fabian Kirsch, Kostas Grivas and Mariusz Leszczyński will take over the management. We are looking forward to interesting projects and a lot of wind!

January 2022
Authorized Signatory: Dr. techn. Bert Schädlich

Dr. techn. Bert Schädlich was appointed to the management of GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH as authorized signatory. The GuD management is looking forward to his active support!

December 2021
Around the world with GuD and BBI in (1)80 days

In times of the pandemic, a new sporting idea enabled GuD and BBI employees to exercise "not with each other but together" and do something good in the process.

Our goal was to circumnavigate the globe once in 80 days, as in Jules Verne's famous original. With the help of an app on the smartphone, everyone was able to contribute to the route in their own way. The starting signal for our circumnavigation of the globe was given on April 2, 2021. By the end of the 80 days, we had not quite completed the circumnavigation, but after 180 days we had covered an impressive 52,422 km - without any engine power at all! (For comparison: the circumference of the equator is around 40,075 kilometers).
One highlight was our 160-km Wall Trail bike tour in August, during which 17 colleagues cycled together around the former Berlin border.

For every kilometer run, biked, swum or otherwise achieved through their own physical strength, 20 cents are donated to institutions that have been particularly affected by the corona virus. We are pleased to be able to hand over the total amount of € 10,500 achieved in this way soon in shares to the Bahnhofsmission Berlin, the Junge Schlossplatztheater, the Kitzrettung Ostprignitz-Ruppin and the Tierschutzverein für Berlin. In addition, of course, in 2021 we will continue to make our annual donations to Die Arche, the Stadtmission, the Berliner Tafel, Correctiv and DiabetesDE totaling €10,000. We also continue to sponsor the BERLIN RECYCLING Volleys and the Oranienburger Handball Club.

The year is coming to a sporting close at GuD and BBI and we are looking forward to an active year in 2022.

Dezember 2021
GuD Aktuell 2021

Die immerhin 11. Ausgabe des jährlichen GuD Consult Newsletters mit allen Neuigkeiten des Jahres 2021 ist in Dezember fertig geworden:

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Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Spaß beim Lesen!

September 2021
Hochhausgründungen in Berlin - Erfahrungen in eiszeitlich vorbelasteten Böden

Autoren: Jens Mittag, Thomas Richter, Fabian Kirsch

Veröffentlicht in: Bautechnik 98 (2021), Heft 9


Mai bis Dezember 2021
Online-Vortragsreihe am Institut für Geotechnik der TU Darmstadt

Vortrag 12.10.2021: Dr.-Ing. Fabian Kirsch

Titel: Geotechnische Bemessung von Offshore Windenergieanlagen – die Gründung macht den Unterschied

Zur Veranstaltung


1. bis 17. Juni 2021
Deep Mixing Online Konferenz des Deep Foundation Instituts

Vortrag: Dr. Patrick Arnold

Beitrag: P. Arnold, R. Glasenapp, F. Kirsch, F. Rackwitz und H. Benke
Titel: Influence of organic matter on the strength properties of artificially stabilized sands

Zur Veranstaltung

23. und 24. Juni 2021
35. Cristian Veder Kolloquium, Online Veranstaltung

Vortrag: Dr. techn. Bert Schädlich, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Richter, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kurt.-M. Borchert

Titel: Herstellbedingte Verformungen bei innerstädtischen Baugruben in Berlin

Zur Veranstalltung

16. Juni 2021
Digitale Vortragsveranstaltungen 2021 der Fachsektion Erd- und Grundbau der DGGT (Vorträge der 36. Baugrundtagung)

Vortrag: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Sascha Henke

Titel: Ideen zum Umgang mit dem digitalen Baugrundmodell im Lebenszyklus einer Baumaßnahme

Zur Veranstaltung


November 2020
Herausforderungen von Hochhausgründungen in Gebieten mit glazial geprägten Böden

Autoren: Jens Mittag, Thomas Richter, Bert Schädlich, Peng Hao

Veröffentlicht in Geotechnik 43 (2020) Heft 4


June 2020
40 Years GuD

This year, GuD looks back proudly and gratefully on its 40th anniversary! With quality, innovation, competence and continuity, we are setting standards in environmental and geotechnical engineering as well as soil and structural dynamics, and are constantly working intensively on improving them.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our employees, business partners, as well as friends and colleagues from administrations, departments and universities for their constructive and pleasant cooperation!

Mai 2020
GuD donates to charity organisations

In connection with the 40th anniversary of GuD this year, a total amount of € 10,000.00 was made available for charitable institutions. The institutions were selected with the participation of the employees. The following institutions are supported by us this year: Die Arche e.V., Die Stadtmission e.V., Die Tafel e.V., and corrective gGmbH.

20th-21th February 2020
Messen in der Geotechnik, TU Braunschweig

Presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Univ. Nikolaus Schneider

Title: Ausführungsbegleitende Überwachung von Schlitzwandfugen mit dem Fugeninspektor

January 2020
GuD is sponsoring the E-youth team of FC Concordia Wilhelmsruh 1895 e.V

Since the 2019/2020 season, GuD has been sponsoring the E-youth team (born in 2010) of FC Concordia Wilhelmsruh 1895 e.V. (

The team was able to secure the championship in their relay in the first round and recently the children have been enjoying the new jerseys, with which the first tournament victory could be celebrated in the hall.


Juni 2019
Foundation of branch office Frankfurt am Main

A branch of GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH was founded in Frankfurt am Main in order to respond to the increasing demand of our customers in the Rhine/Main region. GuD is pleased to be able to offer its geotechnical and dynamic services here as well.  This office is managed by Dipl.-Ing. Florian Böhm.

Juli 2019
Silke Appel partner and managing director

Dr.-Ing. Silke Appel has become a partner in the GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik GmbH and has been appointed as shareholder.

26th - 27th September 2019
16th D-A-CH Tagung Erdbebeningenieurwesen & Baudynamik, Innsbruck

Presentation: Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Alexander Tributsch
Title: Baudynamische Begleitung der Einrichtung eines Fitnessstudios in einem schwingungsanfälligen Altbau